Until now, to follow the referendums through the polkadot.js api, I was using storage methods that are part of the default Substrate runtime (located here: https://polkadot.js.org/docs/substrate/storage) But by coming gov2 and transferring the Kusama referendums to it, I cannot track the referendums through previous methods. How can i use these methods in gov2 ?  

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You can still query all the democracy storage to get all the referendums.

You can get some indexes with:

    /* The next free referendum index */
    const nextFreeIndex = await api.query.democracy.referendumCount();
    /* The lowest referendum index representing an unbaked referendum */
    const lowestUnbaked = await api.query.democracy.lowestUnbaked();

And with this index get a specific referendum:

    const lastReferendum = await api.query.democracy.referendumInfoOf(lowestUnbaked);

And to get the number of (public) proposals that have been made so far:

    const proposalsCount = await api.query.democracy.publicPropCount();

With that we are getting all the information you can see in the image below (Kusama governance right now):

enter image description here

If you want to get all the referendums (Finished and OnGoing) you can do it with this little script:

    const allEntries = await api.query.democracy.referendumInfoOf.entries();
        allEntries.forEach(([{ args: [id] }, referendum]) => {
            console.log(`${id}: Referendum: ${JSON.stringify(referendum.toHuman())}`);

For more information check the democracy docs.

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