in the substrate-node-template case , I don't want to compile rocks-db at all. how it would be possible compile parity-db instead of rocks-db?

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    That would be so cool. Then you would need less things natively installed on your machine to get started.
    – Squirrel
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 14:26

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To compile the Substrate Node Template with Parity DB instead of RocksDB, you'll need to make the following changes:

  1. Update Cargo.toml: Open the Cargo.toml file in the Substrate Node Template project and modify the dependencies section. Remove the rocksdb dependency and add the parity-db dependency instead. Your Cargo.toml file should look something like this:

    # Remove the rocksdb dependency
    # rocksdb = { version = "0.6", optional = true, features = ["full"] }
    # Add the parity-db dependency
    parity-db = { version = "2.1", optional = true }
  2. Update lib.rs: Open the lib.rs file (or the main file of your substrate node) and update the storage configuration. Replace the RocksDb storage configuration with ParityDb. Here's an example:

    use substrate_node_template_runtime::{
        // Replace `RocksDb` with `ParityDb`
        ParityDb, Runtime,
    const PARITY_DB_CONFIG: &'static str = r#"
        "path": "./parity_db",
        "cache_size": 536870912,
        "write_buffer_size": 268435456,
        "max_open_files": 10000,
        "block_cache_size": 268435456,
        "disable_block_cache": false,
        "max_table_size": 268435456,
        "block_size": 4096,
        "paranoid_checks": false,
        "verify_checksums": true,
        "max_background_compactions": 10,
        "num_levels": 7,
        "level_compaction_dynamic_level_bytes": true,
        "level_compaction_trigger": 4,
        "level_compaction_files": 10,
        "disable_auto_compactions": false,
        "soft_pending_compaction_bytes_limit": 68719476736,
        "hard_pending_compaction_bytes_limit": 274877906944,
        "force_consistency_checks": false,
        "use_fsync": false,
        "db_log_path": "",
        "read_amp_bytes_per_bit": 0
    async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
        // Replace `RocksDb` with `ParityDb` in the storage configuration
        let _ = SubstrateNodeTemplateRuntime::from_storage(
            ParityDb::open(Path::new("./parity_db"), PARITY_DB_CONFIG.parse().unwrap())?,
        // Rest of your code

    In this example, the ParityDb storage configuration is used instead of RocksDb. Adjust the path and other configuration options based on your requirements.

  • if it's possible to build the substrate-node-template without Rocksdb using your solution, then why is there still this open issue github.com/paritytech/substrate/issues/13354 that claims we can't build Substrate without having to pull in Rocksdb and all of its native dependencies? Commented Jul 10, 2023 at 22:55

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