This question is continued from How to get ASTR balance via json rpc.

I understood calculating StorageKey from Publickey is needed. It seems that calculating StorageKey and decoding rpc-json responses are complicated tasks, so I decided to use the following the library. https://github.com/centrifuge/go-substrate-rpc-client

I wrote the following GO code and got response, but the $ASTR balance of the response is different from the one found in Subscan. https://astar.subscan.io/account/Y29MvHDrJyTiNPWYK5r5LouPdc7kkquZe9c6WfpQLvN4wwj The response is below. I expected Free field is 246,291,284.31933627. Free field type is big.Int, so I tried to call String() to convert this to human-readable value, but it showed the same result. Give me thought about getting $ASTR balance from this response?


The code is here.

pubkey := "0x5c2aa08039c510dbd98643e132a3c82475a09814203d631b44fe530d0208dc66"
api, err := gsrpc.NewSubstrateAPI("https://astar-rpc.dwellir.com")
meta, err := api.RPC.State.GetMetadataLatest()
accountID, err := types.NewAccountIDFromHexString(pubkey)
key, err := types.CreateStorageKey(meta, "System", "Account", accountID.ToBytes())
var accountInfo types.AccountInfo
ok, err := api.RPC.State.GetStorageLatest(key, &accountInfo)
fmt.Printf("%+v", accountInfo)

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I think the go-substrate-rpc-client was no more under maintain.

Here is their account data type: https://github.com/centrifuge/go-substrate-rpc-client/blob/ccecb66ef9132c2cea5be0d6aab89a8ca8b00851/types/account_data.go#L19-L30

Here is the latest Substrate code: https://github.com/paritytech/substrate/blob/f0b6e79a8d21856743acc5370b5d5c3271048cb9/frame/system/src/lib.rs#L733-L750

As you can see, they don't have the sufficients field.

So there are 4 bytes shifted. Then the scale-codec got a weird result.

BTW, if you think my previous answer solved your problem, please mark it as the answer. Thanks.

  • Thanks a lot! You answer is really helpful. I solved this issue by defining account data type with the following. And I marked your this answer, but I couldn't find the green check button on the old post. type ModifiedAccountInfo struct { Nonce types.U32 Consumers types.U32 Providers types.U32 Sufficients types.U32 Data struct { Free types.U128 Reserved types.U128 MiscFrozen types.U128 FreeFrozen types.U128 } }
    – user3563
    Commented Dec 9, 2022 at 14:03
  • Last time I used that the official advice was to define your own AccountData… Commented Dec 10, 2022 at 14:38

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