Is it possible to make batched storage calls to the runtime using subxt or is it only possible to make repeated individual calls against the state?

Say there are 3 storage variables I would like to query using subxt. I can do each of these individually:

let storage_addresses = vec![alice, bob, charlie]
    .map(|dest| subxt::dynamic::storage(
            // Something that encodes to an AccountId32 is what we need for the map key here:

let accounts = storage_addresses.iter().map(|a|
        .fetch_or_default(&a, None)

I'm curious if there is a smarter way to batch all these calls at once?

  • Have you tried using batch to batch the calls? Here is an example of using the dynamic api with multisig that may be helpful as it uses a nested inner call just like batch does.
    – Bruno
    Commented Dec 8, 2022 at 17:09
  • Sorry for necroing. Regarding dynamic batch call: How would the call field be properly constructed? Say I have a call: Vec<DynamicTxPayload>, how would you derive the Value, e.g. subxt::dynamic::tx("Utility", "batch", vec![("call", do_something_with_calls)]? Commented Dec 9, 2022 at 11:16

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The options that I'm aware of are:

  1. to do what you've done (whether you use static or dynamic storage lookups).
  2. Use the "lower level" RPC method (api.rpc().query_storage_at(..) to query multiple entries at once (but you get bytes back and need to decode them manually), or
  3. Use api.storage().iter(some_address) to iterate over all accounts (but you get nice types back here).

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