I have a little problem here. I have the address of a contract (PSP22 token) with the {}Ref associated with it.

I want to make a cross-contract call to get the decimals of the contract.

Its Ref is use lp_token::LpTokenRef;

Wondering how I can call another contract using an already deployed address to get the metadata such as psp22Metadata::tokenSymbol() and so on.


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You can find an example of using the *Ref pattern to call another contract, given its AccountId in this Bulletin Board example link from Aleph Zero network.


Ink has a great example in the repo's examples folder called the Delegator

Its 4 contracts that all work together. The delegator even instantiates the other contracts then calls them later. Looks pretty cool.

  • I understand. I do not see any as robust as PSP22 token metadata interaction. Do you have a direct example that shows how to get the metadata of a PSP22 token from another contract, say using psp22Metadata::tokenSymbol() or a similar approach? Dec 10, 2022 at 8:14

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