Executing build command: "rustup" "run" "nightly" "cargo" "rustc" "--target=wasm32-unknown-unknown" "--manifest-path=/home/briza/Desktop/substrate-node-template/target/release/wbuild/node-template-runtime/Cargo.toml" "--color=always" "--profile" "release" Using rustc version: rustc 1.67.0-nightly (c97b539e4 2022-11-30)

I followed this doc: https://docs.substrate.io/tutorials/work-with-pallets/contracts-pallet/ , and when I worked in this step "Implement the Contracts configuration trait", and I use th cargo check -p node-template-runtime --release

the terminal showed that

error[E0432]: unresolved import pallet_contracts::DefaultContractAccessWeight

more information below:

Information that should be included in a bug report. Executing build command: "rustup" "run" "nightly" "cargo" "rustc" "--target=wasm32-unknown-unknown" "--manifest-path=/home/briza/Desktop/substrate-node-template/target/release/wbuild/node-template-runtime/Cargo.toml" "--color=always" "--profile" "release" Using rustc version: rustc 1.67.0-nightly (c97b539e4 2022-11-30) --- stderr Compiling node-template-runtime v4.0.0-dev (/home/briza/Desktop/substrate-node-template/runtime) error[E0432]: unresolved import pallet_contracts::DefaultContractAccessWeight --> /home/briza/Desktop/substrate-node-template/runtime/src/lib.rs:47:5 | 47 | use pallet_contracts::DefaultContractAccessWeight; | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no DefaultContractAccessWeight in the root error[E0437]: type ContractAccessWeight is not a member of trait pallet_contracts::Config --> /home/briza/Desktop/substrate-node-template/runtime/src/lib.rs:167:3 | 167 | type ContractAccessWeight = DefaultContractAccessWeight; | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ not a member of trait pallet_contracts::Config error[E0437]: type RelaxedMaxCodeLen is not a member of trait pallet_contracts::Config --> /home/briza/Desktop/substrate-node-template/runtime/src/lib.rs:169:3 | 169 | type RelaxedMaxCodeLen = ConstU32<{ 512 * 1024 }>; | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ not a member of trait pallet_contracts::Config Some errors have detailed explanations: E0432, E0437. For more information about an error, try rustc --explain E0432.

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  • Were you able to resolve this? I am getting a similar error.
    – chomprrr
    Dec 15, 2022 at 18:56

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I faced the same issue. The following steps helped me resolve it.

First, I removed the import of pallet_contracts::DefaultContractAccessWeight

I added this line pub const DeletionQueueDepth: u32 = 128; to parameter_types!. So your new block should look something like this

parameter_types! {
    pub const DepositPerItem: Balance = deposit(1, 0);
    pub const DepositPerByte: Balance = deposit(0, 1);
    pub const DeletionQueueDepth: u32 = 128;
    pub const UnsafeUnstableInterface: bool = false;
    pub DeletionWeightLimit: Weight = AVERAGE_ON_INITIALIZE_RATIO * BlockWeights::get().max_block;
    pub Schedule: pallet_contracts::Schedule<Runtime> = Default::default();

Finally I changed the arguments Config. The final code looks like

impl pallet_contracts::Config for Runtime {
    type Time = Timestamp;
    type Randomness = RandomnessCollectiveFlip;
    type Currency = Balances;
    type RuntimeEvent = RuntimeEvent;
    type RuntimeCall = RuntimeCall;
    type CallFilter = frame_support::traits::Nothing;
    type WeightPrice = pallet_transaction_payment::Pallet<Self>;
    type WeightInfo = pallet_contracts::weights::SubstrateWeight<Self>;
    type ChainExtension = ();
    type Schedule = Schedule;
    type CallStack = [pallet_contracts::Frame<Self>; 31];
    type DeletionQueueDepth = DeletionQueueDepth;
    type DeletionWeightLimit = DeletionWeightLimit;
    type DepositPerByte = DepositPerByte;
    type DepositPerItem = DepositPerItem;
    type AddressGenerator = pallet_contracts::DefaultAddressGenerator;
    type MaxCodeLen = ConstU32<{ 256 * 1024 }>;
    type MaxStorageKeyLen = ConstU32<{ 512 * 1024 }>;
    type UnsafeUnstableInterface = UnsafeUnstableInterface;
    type MaxDebugBufferLen = ConstU32<{ 256 * 1024 }>;

It is possible that this code may not work in the future. All you need to do is the go the source code of the pallet_contracts and add/remove the argument according to the code. Use dummy argument. The compiler's debugger will do a good job in directing you to the right code.

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