% swanky --version
@astar-network/swanky-cli/1.0.0-beta.4 darwin-x64 node-v16.4.0
  • I used "swanky cli" to deploy the contract to swanky-node.
% swanky contract deploy flipper --gas 10000000000 --args false --account alice
✔ Initialising OK
✔ Getting WASM OK
✔ Connecting to node OK
✔ Deploying OK
✔ Writing config OK
Contract deployed!
Contract address: 5EbFSCUyZvigPoYnRbQfqKPCANBEt35HauFD7Q1CLRY7BjK8
  • I want to call this contract using the "swanky conatract call" command.
  • When I call the "swanky contract call" command without the -t option, I get the following error.
% swanky contract call --contractName=flipper -m get -g 10000000000     
ERROR: Module error: Contracts: ContractNotFound

No contract was found at the specified address.
    Error: Command failed: cargo contract call --contract 5E5Wf6XHHcqZr3wbeqJsVeh4E3aFYA7rgrJ34Yjyu8EZBTZ7 --message get  
    --suri //Alice --gas 10000000000 --url ws:// 
  • I think I need to use the -t option to specify the contract I just deployed, but I don't know how to specify it.
  • Looking at the standard out of swanky node, I can't find anything that looks like a timestamp.
  • Can you tell me the correct way to specify this parameter?

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  • I found a destination for timestamps on deploy.
  • It's "swanky.config.json"!
  • Each time I deploy it adds a contract address and a timestamp.
  • You're right - there's a field in swanky.config.json -> contracts -> [contract_name] -> deployments[] that keeps track of where and when you deployed. Note on the call command though - it's only a proxy to cargo contract call for now (will be switched to polkadot-api), so you can actually just use that directly if you need more flexibility.
    – codespool
    Nov 25, 2022 at 8:26

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