Not able to build a project because of this issue:

error: linking with `cc` failed: exit status: 1
  = note: "cc" "-arch" "arm64" "/var/folders/5w/j2mkxftx2xz55c696xp23gzh0000gn/T/rustciwy51y/symbols.o" "/Users/elioprifti/dkg-substrate/target/debug/deps/dkg_standalone_node-3e72bef5f25657ad.10sw7xj1rkq1p2nk.rcgu.o" "/Users/elioprifti/dkg-substrate/target/debug/deps/dkg_standalone_node-3e72bef5f25657ad.10ut9rvejkcsmvr1.rcgu.o" "/Users/elioprifti/dkg-substrate/target/debug/deps/dkg_standalone_node-3e72bef5f25657ad.112iyrdupdm8w5vw.rcgu.o" "/Users/elioprifti/dkg-substrate/target/debug/deps/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/librustc_std_workspace_alloc-d0e3d0b2f5dc30fb.rlib" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/libunwind-12083e42f9a7d1fc.rlib" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/libcfg_if-def158ba03cb504e.rlib" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/liblibc-e83dd9bd71bd52bd.rlib" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/liballoc-a149d8756e403a5c.rlib" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/librustc_std_workspace_core-95a7e52c78a3fba1.rlib" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/libcore-dd6de681850a671c.rlib" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/libcompiler_builtins-ec608688b97371b8.rlib" "-lgmp" "-framework" "Security" "-framework" "Security" "-lc++" "-framework" "SystemConfiguration" "-framework" "Security" "-framework" "CoreFoundation" "-liconv" "-lSystem" "-lresolv" "-lc" "-lm" "-liconv" "-L" "/Users/elioprifti/.rustup/toolchains/nightly-2022-05-15-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib" "-o" "/Users/elioprifti/dkg-substrate/target/debug/deps/dkg_standalone_node-3e72bef5f25657ad" "-Wl,-dead_strip" "-nodefaultlibs"
  = note: ld: library not found for -lgmp
          clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

error: could not compile `dkg-standalone-node` due to previous error
warning: build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish...
elioprifti@pc-193-62 dkg-substrate % 

I can build other projects but not this one. Any idea?

  • Have you run xcode-select --install?
    – Bruno
    Nov 23 at 17:36
  • I have run it but still the same.
    – P.E
    Nov 23 at 18:04
  • If you're using stable-aarch64-apple-darwin toolchain, you could try switching to stable-x86_64-apple-darwin and see if that resolves the issue.
    – Bruno
    Nov 23 at 18:12
  • I tried. Still the same!
    – P.E
    Nov 23 at 19:21
  • If you search for ld: library not found for you will get lots of similar errors which may help in troubleshooting this issue.
    – Bruno
    Nov 23 at 21:02

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I assume you are trying to build dkg-substrate, not substrate or the node template.
In your case the GMP library seems to be missing.
Their CI file indicates some libs that are needed here, eg libgmp3-dev. There is also tutorial for building it here.

  • I was able to install the GMP library but still have the same issue!
    – P.E
    Nov 23 at 17:07
  • 1
    Then open an issue in their GitHub or ask in chat first if mac is supported. Nov 23 at 17:40
  • Already did, they do not know how to fix it.
    – P.E
    Nov 23 at 20:37

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