I'm trying to utilize the Polkadot.JS api to query chain parameters and issue transactions under collatorSelection an example of which is:

const x = api.query.collatorSelection.candidates();

This works when using the built in playground in Polkadot.JS/apps but doesn't work via api. I am using v9.9.1 of the API.


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This code works fine for me (using the PolkadotJS API):

import { ApiPromise, WsProvider } from "@polkadot/api";

export const fetchCollatorCandidates = async () => {
    const provider = new WsProvider("wss://karura.api.onfinality.io/public-ws");
    const api = new ApiPromise({ provider });
    await api.isReadyOrError;

    const candidates = await api.query.collatorSelection.candidates();


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    Thanks for sharing this @Bruno. My application used two api connections, one on the relay chain and the other on the parachain. Due to my error I passed the relay chain api connection to a function requiring a parachain api connection. Given the code above I established that functionality exists and was able to find the error from there. Thanks for taking the time. Commented Nov 24, 2022 at 1:27

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