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There are different sovereign account addresses here, what are the differences?

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Sovereign Account: An account controlled by a particular Consensus System, within some other Consensus System.

So sovereign account is in other chains, and for different chains, there may be different account formats, and the relative MultiLocation is also different.

For example: There is a parachainA(paraId2105), its sovereign account in Rococo is encode("para"+2105), because of parachainA is a parachain attached to Rococo. Its sovereign account in parachainB(paraId2000) is encode("sibl"+2105), because of parachainA and parachainB are sibling chains. As you see, the encod content is different due to the different relation of the chains. And if you want to known the detail of the encoding, please check the answers under this question: how to calculate sovereignAccount for parachain?

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