Getting error: FailedToTransactAsset

Sender: 2113

Receiver: 2000

Sovereign account of 2113: 5Dt6dpkWPwLaH4BBCKJwjiWrFVAGyYk3tLUabvyn4v7KtESG (contains ~5 ROC)

This is the call made to make the HRMP request from 2113 to 2000.

The transaction from polkadotXcm was successful. But in the relay chain... enter image description here

Incomplete Transaction.


Also I deposited 5 ROC but now my sovereign account has 5.19999 meaning it has gained some ROC somehow.

The main question is what causes this error? Does it need more than 5?

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Here is the description of the error you are getting:

/// An asset transaction (like withdraw or deposit) failed (typically due to type conversions).
#[codec(index = 9)]
FailedToTransactAsset(#[codec(skip)] &'static str),

Looks like the encoded call that you are executing is an hrmpAcceptOpenChannel to accept a channel open request from para 2,113:

Therefore you need to make sure that the sovereign account for para 2000 is funded. Para 2000 is accepting the hrmpAcceptOpenChannel request from para 2,113. And you would want to do this polkadotXCM call on para 2000.

More info here:

  • aha so 2000 need to fund their sovereign account perhaps let me check Nov 17, 2022 at 18:33

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