I have a slightly custom chain spec that makes regular chain spec serializable with serde to/from JSON.

In the impl of sp_runtime::BuildStorage I just forward assimilate_storage call to the underlying chain spec:

impl<GenesisConfig, Extensions> BuildStorage for SerializableChainSpec<GenesisConfig, Extensions>
    GenesisConfig: RuntimeGenesis,
    fn assimilate_storage(&self, storage: &mut Storage) -> Result<(), String> {

This worked great until I tried to run benchmarks, when it failed with:

Error: SubstrateCli(Input("`assimilate_storage` not implemented for `ChainSpec`."))

Not 100% sure what this means and what implementation should have looked like instead, any suggestions?

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The implementation of BuildStorage for ChainSpec was implementing assimilate_storage by returning the error you mentioned. It seems that back in the days I didn't implemented this function properly, but don't ask me why...

Nevertheless, after this pr it will be fixed.

  • Lovely, thanks!
    – nazar-pc
    Nov 16, 2022 at 17:55

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