Is there a doc for this?

E.G. E5-breaksapi

What's the meaning of E?

What's the meaning of 5?

What labels should I pay attention to if I update the Substrate version?

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    We are reworking the labels to make them more understandable. The current set of labels is too random.
    – bkchr
    Nov 14, 2022 at 21:28

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Some of the labels and their meanings are listed here:


Labels TLDR:

  • A-* Pull request status. ONE REQUIRED.
  • B-* Changelog and/or Runtime-upgrade post composition markers. ONE REQUIRED. (used by automation)
  • C-* Release notes release-priority markers. EXACTLY ONE REQUIRED. (used by automation)
  • D-* More general tags on the PR denoting various implications and requirements.

Please label issues with the following labels:

  • I-* Issue severity and type. EXACTLY ONE REQUIRED.
  • P-* Issue priority. AT MOST ONE ALLOWED.
  • Q-* Issue difficulty. AT MOST ONE ALLOWED.
  • Z-* More general tags on the issue, denoting context and resolution.

It seems others are not well documented, and hopefully that will change in the near future as @bkchr mentions.

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