I am using polkadot v0.9.25 and run it on dev mode, it's role is authority and after 256 block when I try to fetch the data of 1 block it shows error Unable to retrieve the specified block details. -32000: Client error: UnknownBlock: State already discarded for BlockId::Hash(0xe6e95f56950c847fc44b59ad41a5060750a3b10f60fb4fe2c20fb9b1472098f9) Is there any way to fetch the data of historical blocks without stopping the chain or is there any other flag which help me to fetch the block data.

  • Did you try searching here for your error message? It looks like a duplicate to me. Nov 6, 2022 at 15:19

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Did you use any --pruning xxx/--unsafe-pruning flag?

Or maybe it is the default behavior in Substrate now.

Try booting with --pruning archive. And I think it will make a fully resync.

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