How to check the rate limits of concrete RPC? It works until some time and then starts throwing an error. I suspect it's the rate limits

I connect to the remote node. For example wss://acala-rpc.dwellir.com.

It is interesting that when this RPC throws an error, all wss://*-rpc.dwellir.com throws the same error. So looks like it's some generic mechanism. I assume it simply bans by IP.

With other remote RPC endpoints situation is the same.

These 2 logs are consecutive:

2022-10-09 19:27:04          API-WS: disconnected from ws:// 1006:: connection failed
2022-10-09 19:27:04          API-WS: disconnected from wss://acala-rpc.dwellir.com: 1006:: connection failed
  • Sounds like you need to check that with dwellir.com, your RPC provider. I don't think this rate limiting is enforced by Substrate itself. Oct 19, 2022 at 9:30

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Ultimately you're at the behest of that service provider's internal logic of how they deal with load and spam - there is no set way to respond (e.g. if you 500 error, 404, actively ban ip, redirect it into a blackhole etc).

I'd recommend:

  • use a throttle like bottleneck to prevent yourself from getting banned
  • Not using the acala dwellir rpc endpoint, if i remember correctly, that one is highly limited
  • writing some code (like a connection singleton) which reuses the same wss connection and reconnects to different endpoint if you're booted off

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