I upgraded my project to ink4.0.0, and upgrate @polkadot/api-contract to the latest version, then I encountered an error when sending transaction.

Error: createType(Call):: Call: failed decoding contracts.call:: Struct: failed on args: {"dest":"MultiAddress","value":"Lookup78","gas_limit":"Lookup93","storage_deposit_limit":"Option<Compact<u128>>","data":"Bytes"}:: Struct: failed on gas_limit: Compact<Weight>:: u64: Negative number passed to unsigned type


My code is like this

let value = 0;
let gasLimit = -1;
await contract.tx[methodName]({ value, gasLimit }, ...arguments).signAndSend(sender, (result) => {
    if (result.status.isInBlock) {
        console.log('in a block');
    } else if (result.status.isFinalized) {

It worked well for ink3.0.

I wonder if I have to estimate gas in ink4.0.0, or I can set gaslimit 10**12?

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-1 is not a valid value for a transaction. For a transaction you should dry run the contract first and set the gas_limit for the transaction to the gas_required field as returned by the dry run.

As a side node: -1 is not a valid value for the dry run either as it is an unsigned number in substrate. I assume polkadot.js transforms this -1 into some big number for you.

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