I am trying to add Evm pallet to my substrate runtime i am using Polkadotv0.9.25 for both substrate and frontier but getting error of trait bound for almost every pallet. error:- within Call, the trait Callable<Runtime> is not implemented for pallet_evm::Pallet<Runtime> how to solve this error i have added evm to my runtime and also added its dependency in cargo.toml

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    Would you mind to provide the source-code? Sep 30, 2022 at 11:28

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It usually means that you have dependency conflicts.

You can confirm which dependencies by looking for duplicated references in Cargo.lock file. To fix it, you need to update those dependencies to use the same version.

Sometimes you will have to use the [patch] section in the root Cargo.toml of your project to override those dependencies.


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