I have Added EVM pallet to my NPOS based Substrate chain but i am facing staking.StakingElectionFailed The election failed. No new era is planned. how to solve this issue.

I have implemented the NPOS with EVM blockchain using the substrate.

NPOS working fine but after adding EVM to Genesis config in node the NPOS is not working and the staking election failed.

Smart Contracts working fine on the chain.

enter image description here enter image description here


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chilling the validators is not good practise as it is a 1 validator on network and if you do this your blockchain will stop you can do some other changes in you program you can add fallback in lib.rs to

type Fallback = frame_election_provider_support::onchain::UnboundedExecution<OnChainSeqPhragmen>


Solution to this is chill your nominators/validators, and validate/nominate again so that new implementation will record your votes in T::VoterList. And maybe forceNewEra() using sudo account. re-try a couple of times until you see staking.Elected.

Make sure you have setup a private network and you have minimum 3 validators.

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