I am currently using the polkadot sdk in my typescript project and while I was attempting to upgrade their versions, I deleted my yarn.lock file and reran yarn install but now I get this when I try and run the project


I saw online that yarn dedupe would help but since I am already using yarn v2, it should be built in and thus I am not able to run that command manually.

Here are the three polkadot dependencies I am trying to import into my project: enter image description here

I'm struggling to figure out how to fix this as I don't want to have to rely on manually going in and deleting duplicate packets every time I do a fresh yarn install.

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Can you update your libraries? If so, I suggest you look into a project that works and use the same configuration and example PolkadotJS or Polkadot Staking Dashboard.

"@polkadot/api": "^10.9.1",
"@polkadot/keyring": "^12.3.2",
"@polkadot/util-crypto": "^12.3.2",

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