My elementary understanding is that a Crate is a collection of modules or pallets, and a Package is a collection of Crates. But I came across this "pallet" in crates.io and am now unsure why it is self-referred to as a pallet instead of a crate.

Can someone please help me better understand with respect to this example?

  • Pallets are a special kind of crates, to be used in Substrate-based chains. Sep 27, 2022 at 14:31

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I will do my best to explain it because in the beginning of my journey I was also confused with of all that terms.

Crate - the term comes from directly of Rust language and is the smallest amount of code that the Rust compiler considers at a time.

Package - the term also comes from directly of Rust language and is a bundle of one or more crates that provides concrete functionalities. A package contains a Cargo.toml file that describes how included crates should be build. Package is a feature of Cargo that lets you just build, test and share crates.

Module - the term also comes from directly of Rust language and is a place for your code where you can control scope of your implementation and logic of source code.

Pallet - the term comes from Substrate terminology and provides some set of functionalities within Substrate chain, below you can see set of pallets:

enter image description here

Additionally, you can be confused with meaning of Frame - Frame is like dialect of Rust language used in Substrate, but Frame is NOT Rust language term, Frame is the term used in Substrate framework.

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