I have configured an asset in the GenesisConfig of my node's chain_spec as following:

        assets: AssetsConfig {
            assets: vec![(1000, root_key.clone(), true, 1)], // Genesis assets: id, owner, is_sufficient, min_balance
            metadata: vec![(1000, "Asset name".into(), "ASSET_NAME".into(), 0)], // Genesis metadata: id, name, symbol, decimals
            accounts: vec![], // Genesis accounts: id, account_id, balance

I would like to mint this asset using pallet-assets and I am doing this:

<pallet_assets::Pallet<T> as Mutate<T::AccountId>>::mint_into(

but I get error


How can I mint assets configured in the GenesisConfig? I was convinced that I did not need to create it first.

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After looking how PolkadotJS app was managing to mint the asset, I figured that I was trying to call the wrong function. I actually do need to call

        pub fn mint(
            origin: OriginFor<T>,
            #[pallet::compact] id: T::AssetId,
            beneficiary: AccountIdLookupOf<T>,
            #[pallet::compact] amount: T::Balance,
        ) -> DispatchResult {

which inside calls do_mint which eventually does the check that I was expecting (i.e. check if the asset already exists - created from GenesisConfig)

Asset::<T, I>::get(id)
  • Hi, could you share your source code?
    – MinhK
    Commented Jan 6 at 8:45

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