Recently when I want to submit a transaction I receive the following failure alert, I had similar issue while getting a tx paymentInfo, which is resolved by upgrading apis, but while submitting a tx the alert is still come up, however the transaction will get inBlock.

RPC-CORE: queryInfo(extrinsic: Bytes, at?: BlockHash): RuntimeDispatchInfo:: createType(RuntimeDispatchInfo):: Struct: failed on weight: u64:: Assertion failed

I see the issue on Parity and OnFinality endpoints, but not on PinkNode and Dwellir !! and only on Westend and Polkadot, but not on Kusama.

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Since the 9.2.2 release of Polkadot JS API, we need to not only update all apis to the latest, but also some are replaced. in my case:


is replaced with


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