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there are two different methods to remove multiple items for one specific first key from a StorageDoubleMap. There is clear_prefix and drain_prefix. clear_prefix provides additional information with a cursor, that needs to be used for the case, that the map is not fully cleaned. But isn't drain_prefix the same functionality with less information as clear_prefix?

So I mean I can check with drain_prefix, if there are items left to delete. I could query if <StorageItem<T>>::drain_prefix(first_key).take(1).next().is_none(). Sure, this requires one additional read. Is this the reason why clear_prefix exists too?

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The main difference to me is if it returns a closure.

When you just want to remove it:


Note: these are pseudo code

When you want to interact with the removed item:

Foo::darin_prefix().iter().for_each(|removed_item| {
    Bar::insert(removed_item.hash(), removed_item);

Note: these are pseudo code

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