• I want to convert the address string received as a parameter to an ink! AccountId.
  • I have implemented the following source code using sp-runtime. When I implemented the following in pallet, it worked, but in ink!, the type of AccountId is different and I can't compile it.
  • Please tell me how to convert the string address to AccountId in "ink!".
        fn convert_vec_to_accountid(&self, account_vec: Vec<u8>)-> AccountId{ 
          let mut array = [0; 32];
          let bytes = &account_vec[..array.len()]; 
          let account32: AccountId32 = array.into();
          let mut to32 = AccountId32::as_ref(&account32);
          let to_address : AccountId = AccountId::decode(&mut to32).unwrap_or_default();
  • Why do you want to parse a String to an AccountId exactly?
    – rajohs
    Sep 12, 2022 at 22:19

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  • I read the account page on the polkadot wiki and implemented the following logic.
  • I've tested it and it's working fine at the moment.
  • However, I don't understand enough to explain this structure to someone.
  • So be careful when using this logic.
  • Or if anyone can give me the correct logic, detailed explanation, please help me. https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/learn-accounts
        fn convert_string_to_accountid(&self, account_str: &str)-> AccountId{
            let mut output = vec![0xFF; 35];
            bs58::decode(account_str).into(&mut output).unwrap();
            let cut_address_vec:Vec<_> = output.drain(1..33).collect();
            let mut array = [0; 32];
            let bytes = &cut_address_vec[..array.len()]; 
            let accountId:AccountId = array.into();

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