In my pallet have created a custom new-type, in the same fashion as AccountId32:

#[derive(Encode, Decode, Clone, PartialEq, Eq, Ord, PartialOrd, Debug, MaxEncodedLen, TypeInfo)]
pub struct GenericId(BoundedVec<u8, MaxGenericIdLenGet>);

The type can be converted From<GenericId> for BoundedVec<u8, MaxGenericIdLenGet> and From<BoundedVec<u8, MaxGenericIdLenGet>> for GenericId. I would expect it to show up in the polkadot-js explorer as GenericId (AccountId32 indeed shows up), but it shows as Bytes instead.

How do I make GenericId show up not as Bytes?

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I am afraid you can't do this.

The TypeInfo will explain this type as BoundedVec<u8, MaxGenericIdLenGet>.

So, it shows bytes in the PolkadotApps.

Why H256 work?

In fact, H256 is [u8; 32].

But PolkadotApps makes some wrap for it.

Then it could be displayed as 0x00... instead of [0,...].

If you want to do this.

IIUC, you've to tweak the PolkadotJS about how it deals with GenericId.

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