I am working on a Substrate node update.

I am following Polkadot's releases not to skip migrations.

Some node runtime updates require node client updates. This information can be found in Polkadot's releases. For example, v0.9.0 or v0.9.8.

During testing on dev networks, I found out that v0.8.27 and v0.9.5 also require node client updates. I am receiving the following error during connection to a node after node runtime applying via forkless upgrade:

FATAL: Unable to initialize the API: -32603: Unknown error occurred: Client, VersionInvalid, Other, \"Instantiation: Export ext_default_child_storage_storage_kill_version_2 not found\

Can it be missed information in Polkadot's release logs or is something wrong on my end?

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It is very likely that these information are just missing in the Polkadot release logs.

Especially for these old releases.

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