how to run Zombienet tests with natively built parachain and polkadot validator? It seems in the Zombienet's Readme it is not very clear on how to set that up...

Can I use the same test file(.feature file) ?

My current network file:

default_image = "docker.io/parity/polkadot:{{POLKADOT_VERSION}}"
default_command = "polkadot"
default_args = [ "-lparachain=debug" ]
chain = "rococo-local"

  name = "alice"
  validator = true

  name = "bob"
  validator = true

id = 2000
cumulus_based = true

  name = "collator01"
  image = "{{COLLATOR_URL}}"
  command = "parachain-collator"
  args = ["-lparachain=debug"]
number = "u64"
parent_hash = "Hash"
post_state = "Hash"

How can I change the relayer and parachain images to local native binaries?

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thank you for Zombienet team's quick reply!

For my fixed network file above:

default_command = "polkadot" => Rename your built polkadot validator binary to "polkadot"

command = "parachain-collator" => Rename your built parachain collator binary to "parachain-collator"

Then add the binaries above into your bash PATH:

export PATH="/path/to/built/binary_folder/:$PATH"

Check if your binaries can be accessed in PATH:

polkadot --version
parachain-collator --version

Then run my Zombienet feature file with native provider:

zombienet-linux1256 -p native test zombienet_tests/05-small-network.feature

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