I was running benchmarks for my pallet and i had a note about some unknown db interactions besides the ones i expect. // Storage: unknown [0x3a7472616e73616374696f6e5f6c6576656c3a] (r:1 w:1) I tried to inspect this and surrounded storage keys and got this

enter image description here

I can't understand this key definition. But it seems to be related to ascii table in some way. Especially this order :;<=>?. What is this and what can cause these db queries?

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This is the storage key for :transaction_level:. It is just ASCII encoded as HEX.
That key should be white-listed which is also the case on current Substrate master.
Your problem should be solved by updating Substrate. The change happened here.

As context:
This key tracks how many transactional levels are currently stacked upon the storage overlay.
Each time an extrinsic is dispatched, its changes are stored to a temporary transactional level, such that the changes can be rolled back if the extrinsic fails. See Substrate/#11918 for more.

  • Thank you! But what is the goal of disturbing especially 0x3a7472616e73616374696f6e5f6c6576656c3a? Aug 31, 2022 at 7:15
  • I added some context about the key. Aug 31, 2022 at 11:00

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