I want to use the predefined built-in account's key pair to sign extrinsic from ocw, but I can not get the key/Secret seed/Secret phrase from polkadotjs app. How can I get these items? Shall I use subkey on the node?

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All of the default substrate accounts such as Alice are derived from this seed:

bottom drive obey lake curtain smoke basket hold race lonely fit walk


To get Alice, you derive a key with a single hard junction from this key. In other words:

bottom drive obey lake curtain smoke basket hold race lonely fit walk//Alice
  • Thank you! Is there any way or function api I can use to get these information from on-chain logic or pallet code?
    – kugool
    Aug 29, 2022 at 6:25
  • 1
    You can import the DEV_PHRASE as use sp_core::crypto::DEV_PHRASE.
    – kianenigma
    Aug 29, 2022 at 6:42

You can always use Subkey to print the Secret Key and such:

$ subkey inspect "//Alice"

Secret Key URI `//Alice` is account:
  Network ID:        substrate 
 Secret seed:       0xe5be9a5092b81bca64be81d212e7f2f9eba183bb7a90954f7b76361f6edb5c0a
  Public key (hex):  0xd43593c715fdd31c61141abd04a99fd6822c8558854ccde39a5684e7a56da27d
  Account ID:        0xd43593c715fdd31c61141abd04a99fd6822c8558854ccde39a5684e7a56da27d
  Public key (SS58): 5GrwvaEF5zXb26Fz9rcQpDWS57CtERHpNehXCPcNoHGKutQY
  SS58 Address:      5GrwvaEF5zXb26Fz9rcQpDWS57CtERHpNehXCPcNoHGKutQY

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