I found this puzzle in my last question, which is from one answer of my question.

There are at least two StorageMap structs in substrate framework.Their links are listed below:

https://paritytech.github.io/substrate/master/frame_support/storage/types/struct.StorageMap.html https://crates.parity.io/frame_support/pallet_prelude/struct.StorageMap.html

They are StroageMap structs with little difference. They have different function sets at first glance. I want to figure out which struct should I pick up when coding a pallet in substrate?

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The one that you should use is the first one. If you take a look at the pallet_prelude crate, you can see that the StorageMap used across most of the tutorials is being 'imported' from the storage::types crate.

pub use crate::{
        dispatch::{DispatchError, DispatchResult, DispatchResultWithPostInfo, Parameter},
        inherent::{InherentData, InherentIdentifier, ProvideInherent},
                CountedStorageMap, Key as NMapKey, OptionQuery, StorageDoubleMap, StorageMap,
        HERE --> StorageNMap, StorageValue, ValueQuery,
            ConstU32, EnsureOrigin, Get, GetDefault, GetStorageVersion, Hooks, IsType,
            PalletInfoAccess, StorageInfoTrait,
        weights::{DispatchClass, Pays, Weight},
        Blake2_128, Blake2_128Concat, Blake2_256, CloneNoBound, DebugNoBound, EqNoBound, Identity,
        PartialEqNoBound, RuntimeDebug, RuntimeDebugNoBound, Twox128, Twox256, Twox64Concat,

So basically, when you call frame_support::pallet_prelude::StorageMap you are calling the one inside the storage::types crate.

As for the question 'why are there two StorageMaps?' I think the second one is used in old versions of FRAME, where you would use decl_storage to create your structures. It has to exist because although substrate is being updated constantly, it is backward compatible with old implementations of it. But I'm not 100% sure thats the reason.

Taking a look at the storage::StorageMap:

/// A strongly-typed map in storage.
/// Details on implementation can be found at [`generator::StorageMap`].
pub trait StorageMap<K: FullEncode, V: FullCodec> {

and then the generator::StorageMap:

/// Generator for `StorageMap` used by `decl_storage`.
/// ...

pub trait StorageMap<K: FullEncode, V: FullCodec> {

The docs of the implementation state that the generator is used by the decl_storage function.

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    Thank you for your answer!
    – kugool
    Commented Aug 25, 2022 at 10:56

frame_support::pallet_prelude re-exports the most common used types and constants for ease of use.
The re-export happens here.
It is therefore exactly the same type, as you can discover by clicking on the src links.
The crates.io is outdated, that is why it looks a bit different.

  • I got it,thank you very much!
    – kugool
    Commented Aug 26, 2022 at 5:08

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