Hi I was trying to add Frontier code to my substrate-parachain-template project.

I was following JoshOrndorff's tutorial and his commits here https://github.com/PureStake/substrate-node-template/commits/frontier-workshop-2021

However, Josh's tutorial is a little outdated and his code is based on Substrate-Node-template instead of Substrate-Parachain-template...

So currently I am trying to add Frontier's template folder code into my Substrate-parachain-template repo. I think that is also the approach Josh was using, right?

After following that approach, almost all code can be added from Frontier/template to my parachain, except node/service.rs... because it is surprisingly complicated!...

For example, I need to remove sc_finality_grandpa from the Frontier/template to make it work with any parachain. but I don't know what can be used to replace sc_finality_grandpa::GrandpaBlockImport<FullBackend, Block, FullClient, FullSelectChain>,?

pub type ConsensusResult = (
        sc_finality_grandpa::GrandpaBlockImport<FullBackend, Block, FullClient, FullSelectChain>,
    sc_finality_grandpa::LinkHalf<Block, FullClient, FullSelectChain>,

Any advice? Thanks

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Part 1 of this question: How to make a parachain project that uses Frontier as a dependency?

Merge Fronter repo/template folder into your parachain... although I am stuck at node/service.rs but it seems it is okay to skip those...

Regarding to ERC777 contracts, you have to

Both Hardhat or Truffle can deploy upgradeable and ERC777 contracts... See ExhaustsResources error solution deploy solidity ethereum to parachain with ExhaustsResources error

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