I'm trying to upload the flipper contract to Beresheet (Edgeware testnet) but after submitting, I got this contract.NewContractNotFunded error and the extrinsic failed. I search the error on Google and found this description:

The newly created contract is below the subsistence threshold after executing its contructor. No contracts are allowed to exist below that threshold.

And this:

Subsistence Threshold
The runtime must make sure that any allowed dispatchable makes sure that the total_balance of the contract stays above Pallet::subsistence_threshold(). Otherwise users could clutter the storage with contracts.

What exactly the total_balance of a contract is? How can I resolve this problem?

Side question: Is there anyway to call a smart contract in the polkadot.js UI?

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with the Edgeware-specified contracts pallet,


    /// Subsistence threshold is the extension of the minimum balance (aka existential deposit)
    /// by the tombstone deposit, required for leaving a tombstone.
    /// Rent or any contract initiated balance transfer mechanism cannot make the balance lower
    /// than the subsistence threshold in order to guarantee that a tombstone is created.
    /// The only way to completely kill a contract without a tombstone is calling `seal_terminate`.
    pub fn subsistence_threshold() -> BalanceOf<T> {

so it's basically sum of two constants, balances.existentialDeposit and contracts.TombstoneDeposit.

you can get these constants by querying chain state.

enter image description here

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