I'm trying to use this code to start a parachain (from this tutorial):

./target/release/parachain-collator \
--alice \
--collator \
--force-authoring \
--chain rococo-local-parachain-2000-raw.json \
--base-path /tmp/parachain/alice \
--port 40333 \
--ws-port 8844 \
-- \
--execution wasm \
--chain <relay chain raw chain spec> \
--port 30343 \
--ws-port 9977

However, I'm not sure what I should specify for the relay chain raw chain spec. I know where my parachain spec is (rococo-local-parachain-2000-raw.json), but for the relay chain I don't know.

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Check the previous section.

The tutorial is using this spec. You could download this directly.

Or, build it yourself:

  1. git clone https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot.git && cd polkadot
  2. cargo build --release --features rococo-native
  3. target/release/polkadot build-spec --chain rococo-local --disable-default-bootnode --raw > relaychain.json

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