I am simulating how validators got switched when a validator is down in my localhost local chain setting.

I have 3-validator set in local chain genesis, Alice, Bob, and Charlie, but I only have Alice and Bob nodes up.

enter image description here

Blocks are produced and not finalized, this is expected. I then run a Dave node, and make it a waiting validator (shown below), and then called with sudo the extrinsic staking > forceNewEraAlways().

enter image description here

With this setting, I would expect in the next epoch set in 2 mins, the network will drop the offlined Charlie (xCff2o...) and pick Dave as an active validator. But I see that Charlie continue to be an active validator, not just in one era but all eras afterwards.

In this case given I am the network admin with sudo key how can I force the validator sets to reelect and forcibly drop Charlie and add Dave in the validator set?

This is the event log screenshot if it helps.


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Check if they are in Invulnerables.

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