I have been working on creating a guide to port Solidity smart contracts to ink! smart contracts. I was hoping for some input on how to best handle Solidity's uint256 in ink!.

Solidity is optimized for 256 bit / 32 byte words. So, many Solidity smart contracts use uint256 as a way to save on gas (but not necessarily storage). ink! does not have a u256 built in. To me, it seems like the size of a u128 (largest primitive numerical type in ink!) would be more than sufficient to represent most non-hash numerical values.

So, I am thinking that the proper route for this is to reduce the uint256 to a more appropriate size in ink!. Or if absolutely necessary, create a wrapper around a [u64; 4].

Does this seem like an appropriate approach? Also, are there any similar word-size optimizations for ink! / Wasm?

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Answer from @alexander-theißen:

The biggest primitive type in wasm is 64bit cause this is what real computers have (ignoring simd stuff). So there is no value in using u128 over a collection.

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