when running a parachain, we can specify arguments for the relay chain, by adding a double-dash (--) separator between parachain and relay chain arguments, like so:

$ calamari \
    --name '🦑 marmara' \
    --base-path /var/lib/substrate \
    -- \
    --name '🦑 marmara' \
    --telemetry-url 'wss://api.telemetry.manta.systems/submit/ 0' \

i have noticed that the --name parameter is always ignored when it appears in the relay chain arguments. this means that the node's relay-chain telemetry name is always set to a random name, which makes it difficult to identify a node quickly in a telemetry ui (eg: here).

is it possible to set the node's relay-chain telemetry name either with a different argument or by modifying the parachain node binary source code to honour the --name parameter? it seems the parameter is just ignored (without error or warning). at least in my testing with manta/calamari and moonbeam/moonriver.

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The way you are specifying it is correct but indeed it was being ignored and a random name was used instead. This was just fixed yesterday: https://github.com/paritytech/cumulus/pull/1008.

  • oh, awesome. this is going to be rather useful.
    – grenade
    Feb 22, 2022 at 14:38

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