I have a substrate pallet A and it has following Errors Defined

    pub enum Error<T> {
        /// Not a coffee

trait implementation in Pallet A

pub trait A<AccountId, Error> {

    fn is_valid_coffee(coffee_id: u32) -> Result<bool, Error>;

impl<T: Config> A<AccountIdOf<T>, Error<T>> for Pallet<T> {

    fn is_valid_coffee(coffee_id: u32) -> Result<bool, Error<T>> {

I am using a trait defined in this Pallet A (is_valid_coffee) in pallet B, it requires the Error defined in Pallet A. How to import it to Pallet B?

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trait Config: frame_system::Config + another_pallet::Config {}

fn example<T>() -> DispatchError 
    T: Config

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