Out of curiosity, I'm running $ rust-analyzer analysis-stats . in my substrate repo root directory.

I'm getting reports about ~30 cyclic dependencies, similar to

[ERROR project_model::workspace] cyclic deps: frame_election_provider_support(CrateId(199)) -> frame_election_provider_solution_type(CrateId(198)), alternative path: frame_election_provider_solution_type(CrateId(198)) -> frame_election_provider_support(CrateId(199))

I'm wondering if this is a problem or not? Should it be fixed or should I configure rust-analyzer to ignore it somehow?

I'm running this version: rust-analyzer 1.64.0-nightly (897a7ec 2022-07-17)

  • I think it may be related to this issue related to build.rs (there is a dup issue calling out cyclic deps). This was just "fixed" upstream in RA, so it should land in a release 🔜 and make it's way into the VSCode extension 🤞
    – Nuke
    Commented Sep 22, 2022 at 19:17

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Cyclic dependencies are not allowed by Rust in general.

I looked into the specific error that is being brought up here.

Package frame-election-provider-support has a dependency on frame-election-provider-solution-type.

But package frame-election-provider-solution-type only has a dev-dependency to frame-election-provider-support.

In this case, the cyclic dependency is right, and something that is explicitly allowed by the rust testing framework.

So in this case, no, nothing needs to be fixed afaik.

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