I'm currently trying to make a transaction using subxt tool.

I could generate tx with test sr25519 keyring (Alice, Bob, ...), but I'm not sure I can do this with my account on rococo testnet.

I made my account and got a faucet for testing, but I'm stuck making PairSigner.

From this example https://github.com/paritytech/subxt/blob/master/examples/examples/balance_transfer.rs, I'm trying to make a signer with the account.

I've searched all possible ways (from_string, from_phrase, ...) but they didn't work for me. (Maybe I misused them)

Below code is my example to make a signer. (account_seed is 12 words seed)

let pair = crypto::Pair::from_string(&config.account_seed, Some(&config.account_password)).unwrap();
let signer = PairSigner::new(pair);

Thank you for any advice or solutions.

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Have a look at How to generate a new account with seed using rust?, which talks about generating a new Pair from a seed.

When that's been generated, you can do let signer = PairSigner::new(pair); as you have done to make use of it in Subxt!


I recommend you use from_seed or from_seed_slice.


  1. from_seed takes a [u8; 32].
  2. from_seed_slice takes a &[u8] (but you should make sure it is 32 bytes-length).

The seed is the private key to your account.

Let's use subkey:

subkey generate
Secret phrase:       palm clinic heavy fat saddle trophy right twenty deputy deal cotton enact
  Network ID:        substrate
  Secret seed:       0x9e963df48eb2aeb329ff7a03991ac20a93130e619130a8431ce02bbee2b0a4ea
  Public key (hex):  0xe64810dc55abb26dafcca141c4766f87a0fa532e0a18beac1dc7290d2c3dd57e
  Account ID:        0xe64810dc55abb26dafcca141c4766f87a0fa532e0a18beac1dc7290d2c3dd57e
  Public key (SS58): 5HGeH7iX1xqiRm5tsgyz1uU6haS2VqvstGJfj15p4fWduyN3
  SS58 Address:      5HGeH7iX1xqiRm5tsgyz1uU6haS2VqvstGJfj15p4fWduyN3

0x9e963df48eb2aeb329ff7a03991ac20a93130e619130a8431ce02bbee2b0a4ea is what you need here.


If you are still having issues, I got a compiling implementation after a long time of searching for an example using a hex-encoded seed.

I posted it as an answer to another issue here, but what I did was simply use the re-exported structs from subxt as seen below:

use subxt::ext::sp_core::Pair;
use subxt::tx::PairSigner;


pub async fn something() -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>> {


    let pair = subxt::ext::sp_core::sr25519::Pair::from_string_with_seed(<'0x'-PREFIXED PRIVATE SEED>, Some(<PASSWORD>)).unwrap();
    let signer: PairSigner<SubstrateConfig, subxt::ext::sp_core::sr25519::Pair> = PairSigner::<SubstrateConfig, subxt::ext::sp_core::sr25519::Pair>::new(pair.0);


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