I am a bit confused about this. If I have a pr on Substrate that requires a companion on Cumulus that adds to the weight file for a given pallet, how do I calculate the weight? I can run the benchmark.sh script inside the cumulus repo locally with the local substrate directory that contains the new code, but that will generate the weight while running on my machine. What is the way to run the benchmark on the benchmarking machine for the new code when the pr on substrate is not merged yet?

I am probably missing something, so I hope someone could explain this to me.


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    I dont think there is a good solution. Will ask internally and then answer here, thanks. Jul 22, 2022 at 17:03

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The benchbot can now also be used to run on companion merge requests, even in Cumulus.
An example command looks like this:

/cmd queue -v PATCH_substrate=11796 -c bench-bot $ pallet statemint assets pallet_uniques

This would benchmark the uniques pallet for the statemint runtime after patching the local Substrate installation to MR 11796. The -v PATCH_substrate is important to tell the to consider this as a companion to a different MR.
You can add Polkadot here as well. The output will be pushed directly to the branch, as can be see here.

Currently it looks like its modifying the Cargo.lock file, I don't think that is intentional. Will be fixed shortly.

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