What is the canonical way to create a paper wallet for a substrate based tokens?

I could probably take a wallet app, create new account, backup the seed, note down receiving address, and remove wallet app.

Is that correct? Am I missing something? 12/24 words seed will work with all other wallet apps or only the one I used to generate it? Are there any more canonical ways?

Before removing wallet app I could probably deposit some dots and stake them so cold wallet will not suffer inflation. Does that make sense?

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For better security on paper wallets, I have been using Parity's bananasplit to store my pieces of paper.

As long as the target wallet supports sr25519, you will be fine in restoring. If in doubt, first test via throw-away mnemonics to see if your target wallets do do the correct thing.

For my cold wallet, I do have a proxy setup that at least allows me to perform staking operations, e.g. change nominations. (Stuff like transfer I don't allow via the proxy as setup). there is a slight cost in setting up the proxy initially, but well worth it.

  • Is there any manual describing that?
    – jangorecki
    Commented Jul 18, 2022 at 11:18

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