I'm trying to build a single js file application with polakdot.js by using rollup to bundle everything together, but some of the polakdot.js libraries can't be resolved by the rollup node resolve plugin.

@polkadot/x-randomvalues (imported by @polkadot/x-randomvalues?commonjs-external)
@polkadot/x-textdecoder (imported by @polkadot/x-textdecoder?commonjs-external)
@polkadot/x-textencoder (imported by @polkadot/x-textencoder?commonjs-external)
@polkadot/x-fetch (imported by @polkadot/x-fetch?commonjs-external)

Is there some extra configuration that polkadot.js requires to bundle?

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Browser bundles for the various packages are available in the polkadot-js GH org and also as part of the npm packages. These are indeed all built with rollup.

First off, not a bundling guru, so take this with a grain of salt.

My guess at your issue: all the x-* packages use export maps extensively, so it needs quite a recent version of the rollup node resolver to work - older version and known to have issues. So my first suggestion would be to ensure that -resolve and -commonjs are on the latest plugin versions, alongside rollup.

As to how polkadot-js bundles - it is not that easy to untangle, since it uses some scripts that are shared between the various repos the relevant bit there would be for the plugins added -

    plugins: [
      pluginAlias({ entries }),
      pluginResolve({ browser: true }),

Apart from some overrides for some packages there are no specific/additional build steps applied for the various packages, the above shared config applies to all.

  • Sorry for lacking background here, I was trying to build for nodejs, if I exclude these dependencies, they will not be bundled into the result file.
    – Mage Front
    Commented Jul 14, 2022 at 12:10
  • The above answer doesn't mean to exclude anything - rather it seems to focus on the actual rollup versions. From my reading, specifically the x-* packages, which is confirmed by the source, needs to be includes, but it requires new node resolution in rollup.
    – Xiu Hung
    Commented Jul 15, 2022 at 19:03

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