In my runtime, one pallet reserves some currency using the orml-currencies pallet on genesis, and for this, it depends on accounts having some initial balance. This should be provided by the genesis config of the orml-tokens module

For reference, this is my genesis config for the orml-tokens module

        tokens: parachain_template_runtime::TokensConfig {
            balances: endowed_accounts
            .flat_map(|x| {
                    (x.clone(), CurrencyId::DOT, ENDOWMENT),
                    (x.clone(), CurrencyId::BTC, ENDOWMENT),

And my runtime config for orml-currencies

parameter_types! {
    pub const GetNativeCurrencyId: CurrencyId = CurrencyId::Native;

impl orml_currencies::Config for Runtime {
    type MultiCurrency = Tokens;
    type NativeCurrency = BasicCurrencyAdapter<Runtime, Balances, Amount, BlockNumber>;
    type GetNativeCurrencyId = GetNativeCurrencyId;
    type WeightInfo = ();

When I set the currencyId of the genesis run of the extrinsic to Native, the reserve works.

Strangely, when I use a different currencyId, the reserve doesn't work. The extrinsic throws an "InsufficientBalance" Error.

To take things further, when I try the exact same extrinsic after genesis with a new account that's funded with some currency (e.g DOT) by one of the accounts intialised on genesis, the extrinsic works


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