While building the raw specs:

./target/release/kylin-collator build-spec --chain=rococo_democracy.json --raw --disable-default-bootnode > rococo_raw_democracy.json

I get

2022-07-08 16:00:00 Building chain spec    
Error: Service(Other("Error parsing spec file: unknown field `democracy`, expected one of `system`, `parachainSystem`, `parachainInfo`, `sudo`, `balances`, `vesting`, `collatorSelection`, `session`, `aura`, `auraExt`, `polkadotXcm`, `crowdloanRewards`, `ormlTokens` at line 86 column 18"))

In the chain_spec.rs, this fields is coded as such:

democracy: DemocracyConfig::default(),

Node compile is fine as well as the build spec.

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Look here:

impl IdentifyChain for dyn sc_service::ChainSpec {
    fn identify(&self) -> ChainIdentity {
        if self.id().starts_with("pichiu")
       } else {

For some reason you're defaulting to ChainIdentity::Development which in turn eventually calls this:

pub type DevelopmentChainSpec = sc_service::GenericChainSpec<development_runtime::GenesisConfig, Extensions>;

And that is the problem because, if you look at the development runtime, there is no democracy pallet and therefore you're getting that error.

Hope that helps!

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