I'm trying to transfer aUSD test token from one wallet to another on my dapp using Polkadot.js wallet. Sender's wallet is connected to Mandala TC7 test.

I read this at Acala's site and I'm trying to use it as below.

const transfer = polkadot.tx.currencies.transfer('5F1pZeuR...GmZRSZuK', 'aUSD',100000000000);

But I'm getting the error below. My sender's wallet has 30 aUSD.

bundle-polkadot-types.js:8021 Uncaught (in promise) Error: createType(Call):: Call: failed decoding currencies.transfer:: Struct: failed on args: {"dest":"MultiAddress","currency_id":"{\"_enum\":{\"Token\":\"AcalaPrimitivesCurrencyTokenSymbol\",\"DexShare\":\"(AcalaPrimitivesCurrencyDexShare,AcalaPrimitivesCurrencyDexShare)\",\"Erc20\":\"H160\",\"StableAssetPoolToken\":\"u32\",\"LiquidCrowdloan\":\"u32\",\"ForeignAsset\":\"u16\"}}","amount":"Lookup48"}:: Struct: failed on currency_id: {"_enum":{"Token":"AcalaPrimitivesCurrencyTokenSymbol","DexShare":"(AcalaPrimitivesCurrencyDexShare,AcalaPrimitivesCurrencyDexShare)","Erc20":"H160","StableAssetPoolToken":"u32","LiquidCrowdloan":"u32","ForeignAsset":"u16"}}:: Cannot map Enum JSON, unable to find 'aUSD' in token, dexshare, erc20, stableassetpooltoken, liquidcrowdloan, foreignasset at createTypeUnsafe (bundle-polkadot-types.js:8021:20)

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Looking at the extrinsics page, the currencyId is an Enum indicating the type of transfer.

So you need to pass the Token explicitly. This should do the trick -

const transfer = polkadot.tx.currencies.transfer(
  // dest
  // currencyId, enum
  { Token: 'AUSD' },
  // amount

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