From a parachain, how to get the current relay chain block number?

I would like to write a hook using the relay chain block as a trigger.

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Great question!

You can include the following in your parachain's runtime:

use cumulus_pallet_parachain_system::RelaychainBlockNumberProvider;

Then, in the parachain's runtime, define the following in your pallet's config:

type RelayChainBlockNumber = RelaychainBlockNumberProvider<Runtime>;

In your pallet you will have to import BlockNumberProvider:

use sp_runtime::traits::BlockNumberProvider;

Define it in your pallet's config:

type RelayChainBlockNumber: BlockNumberProvider<BlockNumber = Self::BlockNumber>;

And, finally, you can get the relaychain's block number in your pallet:

let current_relaychain_block_number = T::RelayChainBlockNumber::current_block_number();
log::info!("The current relaychain block number is {:?}", current_relaychain_block_number);

Here is an example:

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