I Just clone this https://github.com/OAK-Foundation/substrate-node-template/tree/nicks-v2 for storage migration. After launch on polkadot ,this error shows:enter image description here

I'm using following commands to run:

  1. ./target/release/node-template --dev
  2. cp target/release/wbuild/node-template-runtime/node_template_runtime.wasm upgrade2.compact.wasm (upload this file in Developer > Sudo, system.setCode) For submitting Above file it shows SpecVersionNeedsToIncrease, However I increase the version many times 100 -> 101 -> 102 -> 103...

Upload types.json contain this code : { "Nickname": { "first": "Vec", "last": "Option<Vec>" }, }

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Increment spec_version in the code, rebuild the WASM and perform the upgrade.

When upgrading the check will be done on the actual WASM blob to ensure that the version has been increased. (This is the check the error comes from)

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