In the process of installing the democracy pallet in chain_spec.rs, I am importing like this:

use pichiu_runtime::{ 
    constants::currency::PCHU, DemocracyConfig};

I cannot reach the imports and get the following errors:

 --> node/src/chain_spec.rs:8:29
8 |     constants::currency::PCHU, DemocracyConfig};
  |                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no `DemocracyConfig` in the root

error[E0433]: failed to resolve: could not find `DemocracyConfig` in `pichiu_runtime`
   --> node/src/chain_spec.rs:280:30
280 |         democracy: pichiu_runtime::DemocracyConfig::default(),
    |                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ could not find `DemocracyConfig` in `pichiu_runtime`

I have tried to base myself off other parachains, polkadot and substrate code.


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I think you have not implemented DemocracyConfig in runtime.

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