I want to listen to new transfers and get the hash and amount. How can I? Also, Can I get list transfers of account like this url? https://westend.subscan.io/account/5D8JvKv1yL8ZPN9xxNbQiRxX14KvpiP8UJcDys1ouDnKpczx Thank you

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I would suggest splitting your questions into two - it is somewhat difficult to answer 2 completely different questions coherently in one.

First off, you mention "hash" - be aware that transaction hashes in Substrate are non-unique. Here are some older questions that deal with this. You also mentioned JS in your tags, so the FAQ entry could be useful, along with the wiki entry for unique identifiers

To listen for transfers, your best approach is to listen to events or indeed scan the blocks as the answer suggests.

For retrieving a list of transactions by account, here is a previous question that answers this in detail with specific tools that you can use.

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