Im looking into some of the procedural macros used, namely the #[pallet] attribute to declare a pallet that is recognised by construct_runtime!. However, I cannot find the source code for the pallet module (mod pallet; line 30) that implements the functionality in the pallet attribute.


Can anyone direct me to the source?

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I believe the entry point you are looking for can be found here:


You will find basically all of the FRAME macros in the frame/support/procedural folder.

//! Implementation for pallet attribute macro.
//! General workflow:
//! 1 - parse all pallet attributes:
//!   This step remove all attributes `#[pallet::*]` from the ItemMod and build the `Def` struct
//!   which holds the ItemMod without `#[pallet::*]` and information given by those attributes
//! 2 - expand from the parsed information
//!   This step will modify the ItemMod by adding some derive attributes or phantom data variants
//!   to user defined types. And also crate new types and implement block.

mod expand;
mod parse;

pub use parse::Def;
use syn::spanned::Spanned;

pub fn pallet(
    attr: proc_macro::TokenStream,
    item: proc_macro::TokenStream,
) -> proc_macro::TokenStream {
    // -- snip --

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